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(Fear + fierce = Fearce)

An academy built only for the courageous; helping artists, athletes and leaders manage their mindset while facing their fears.

Fearce Academy is for absolutely ANYONE looking to live a life with more self confidence, leadership abilities, power and presence.The hybrid of techniques used in Fearce Academy’s leading “Performance Mindset Program” are derived from founder Janey Brown’s extensive coaching and performing experience, along with the triumph of her very own stage fright.


“The goal of Fearce Academy is to provide the holistic wellness I lacked coming up in the entertainment industry, especially around mindset and fear. I was taught that fear is a weakness, but after years of fighting fears and losing, its clear now that fear is just an untapped source of fuel. You’ll never be more fearless, than when you face your fears.” - Janey Brown

Playbook x SXSW Day 2-1193.jpg

Janey Brown

Janey Brown

Meet Your Head Coach

Born and raised in the Thousand Islands, Janey Brown is a Performance Veteran, trauma informed Mindset Coach, The founder of Fearce Academy and a Film Writer/ Producer.


Over the last 2 decades, Brown has performed in front of thousands of people and spent over ten thousand hours training. She’s recorded with Grammy award winning producers, released 15 original singles to date and is broadcasted on national television 6 months of the year as the “Friday Night Football” anthem singer on TSN.


Frequently travelling North America to offer wellness education and motivational keynotes, Brown has also led 15+ trainings for aspiring coaches and athletes, as well as spoken on fear & mindset at various schools, corporate companies such as CBRE and on renowned stages such as SXSW.


Brown has also been coaching movement and mindset for over a decade, is a sponsored Under Armour® athlete and has taught some of the best athletes in the NHL, Olympics, NASCAR and MLS.

Her background in fitness began with competitive gymnastics, followed by 8 years of training in Shorin-Ryu Karate style kickboxing. After achieving her blackbelt and becoming a certified kickboxing instructor, she jumped into Toronto’s health & wellness industry and has since led hundreds of people in different fitness and yoga classes.

Brown’s extensive credentials in various styles of training, ensure the coaching she offers in mindset, meditation and movement is like none other in the world.

Credentials & Education:

  • Black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate Kickboxing
    Certified Kickboxing Coach since 2005

  • NCCP Level 1 Coaching
    Certified since 2005

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification (Ashtanga, Hatha + Power Vinyasa)
    Certified since 2007

  • 200hr JOGA Coach Certification (functional movement based yoga for athletes)
    Certified since 2011 (5 forty-hour trainings between 2011-2015)

  • 200hr Naam Yoga Therapies Certification (sound & breath therapy)
    Completed training in 2014

  • 70 hours HEAL Training Certification with Blu Matter Project (yoga for mental health)
    Completed Trainings in in 2015, 2018, 2019

  • 60 hours Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training with David Emerson
    Completed Trainings in 2018, 2019

  • Certified Joga Head Coach
    Delivered 600 hours of Master coaching to other coaches (15 forty-hour trainings between 2015 -2018)

  • Harmonyum Healing I & II practitioner (energy healing)
    Completed Trainings: 2016

  • Recovery Coach at Gary Roberts High Performance Training NHL summer camp


Brown has written, produced, co-directed and performed in:

A 10-part online mini series showcasing the story of an artist overcoming fear on their journey to success.

A 9-part mini series documenting the “making of” Play Fearce, along with some of Brown’s mindset messages.

A short film about a struggling artist facing a big opportunity, who battles with inner demons on her journey to mental health and self love.

Brown co-directing onset of “My Cure” with Director of Photography/Director Pedja Milosavljević (middle) and pro Dancer Raelynn Chase (left).

Brown co-directing onset of “My Cure” with Director of Photography/Director Pedja Milosavljević (middle) and pro Dancer Raelynn Chase (left).


It’s no secret to the public that Brown struggled with anxiety for over half of both her careers. Ultimately though, her darkness became her diamond.

What was once her fear is now the fuel that operates “Fearce Academy,” a wellness company she built to help brave artists, athletes and leaders build resilience to anxiety, hone their craft and make a bigger impact.

In early 2018, Brown agreed to partner Fearce Academy with Playbook Hub– a platform which connects artists and clients online.
Her MO upon teaming up, is to help artists of any type manage their mindset as they face their fears through a unique “performance mindset Program” she built called “Play Fearce.” (Accessible to all Playbook Artists globally 2019.)

“Upon learning Playbook’s intention to build a community of healthy, educated artists- it was a no brainer to form a partnership.
I was born to lead, serve and inspire others. I’m looking forward to continuing doing so for years to come on this exciting mission between Playbook and Fearce Academy.” – 
Janey Brown CEO & Founder of Fearce Academy.

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“My mission is to help my students understand that in the truest, rawest versions of themselves – they are more than enough and more powerful than they could ever dream of.

When you can learn to see, accept and love yourself for both your brilliance and your blemishes, your diamonds and your darkness, your magic and your madness – you are the most beautiful you’ll ever be, because you’re the bravest you’ll ever be.

This is the epitome of being FEARCE.” – Janey Brown


Performance Mindset Program

Everyone is a performer ∴ we all get performance anxiety.

There is a common misconception that only those who express “art” are performers. 
Nothing could be further from the truth:

  • lawyers perform when they step into a courtroom

  • realtors perform when they’re showing a property

  • business executives perform when they’re spearheading a boardroom meeting

  • sales reps perform when they’re delivering a pitch

  • professors perform when they’re teaching a class

  • athletes perform when they’re competing

  • coaches perform when they’re leading a training session

And the list goes on.

The truth is, we all care about performing well regardless of our profession.
So, whether you’re a singer stepping on stage, an athlete proving yourself at tryouts, a business person giving a presentation, in an interview for an important job, or on a first date- one way or another, we’ve all experienced performance anxiety or “stage fright.”


Your lifestyle habits directly affect how well you are able to cope with stress in and outside of the performance environment.

It’s natural to get butterflies before performing, but when the butterflies turn into tiny vampire bats with machine guns, it’s no longer casual nervousness but an anxiety that has grown out of control. 
This not only sabotages your hard work by decreasing the quality of your performance, but also robs your ability to be confident, happy and healthy in LIFE.

When anxiety is unmanageable for long enough, it turns into “chronic stress” which manifests into constant negative mental patterns, imbalanced emotions, and physical sickness. 

Once your health is compromised in any way, it will always transfer into compromising all other important areas of your life. You’re only as happy as you are healthy, thus health should be priority.

It’s vital then, to not only apply healthy tools which manage anxiety at the time of performing, but also in everyday life.

Performance Mindset Process
How does it work?

Proper nutrition and movement are imperative to achieve optimal well being, but without the right mindset- those things will only take you so far.

This 5 week Program targets the source of your fears & stress and teaches practical, simple strategies to manage, adjust and build resilience towards them.

We teach various holistic methods including: guided meditations, mindfulness, breathing techniques, writing exercises, lifestyle adjustments and mindset strategies to help you achieve the long-lasting success and quality of life you deserve.

Upon completion of this program you will have the skill set needed to be confident and impactful whether you’re onstage performing a rock ballad, on the turf stepping into tryouts, or a coach leading a training session.

In order to create a better mindset around absolutely anything, there are 3 essential, actionable A’s that need to take place: Awareness, Acceptance & Adjustment. This is known as the “TrifectA” in the Program.

You can’t change what you can’t see.
Developing self-awareness allows you to acknowledge the thoughts, fears, emotional reactions and physical habits that may be interfering with your ability to perform at your best.

This is a step that a lot of coaches miss.
You can become aware of something and then choose to completely deny or bury it. However, there is no way to build resilience to fear if you don’t first accept that it is present.
Acceptance of past failures and current setbacks, allows you to best manage fear of future failures. This helps build up the self confidence needed to continue stepping into the spotlight.

Who you are off the stage is who you are on the stage.
Adjustment strategies which promote positive, long-lasting habits in your personal life, will then transform you into the most courageous and resilient person you can be in your performance life.

Once the TrifectA has been tackled, you will be set up with the foundation needed to operate from a place of authenticity and confidence while you face your fears and become more FEARCE.

Burying your fear will only bury you.
Denying your fear; will only make you more afraid.
Running from your fear, will have you running for life.

The answer is not to entomb, eradicate or negate fear. It’s to befriend it and turn it into fuel.

Fusing the science of the “brain on fear” and compassion for the inner critic, trains you to choose courage in the presence of any performance anxiety.

At Fearce Academy we don’t just want to produce strong entertainers, athletes and leaders. We want impactors.
Those capable of leaving a lasting, positive imprint on the minds and hearts of their fans, followers and audiences.

The more connection you establish with your audience, the greater the impact you’ll make.

The fastest way to connect with an audience is to be H U M A N.
This means you’re willing too show up imperfect and authentic.

In order to do this we have to become whole with our flaws and of course fears.

What’s included in the online program?

  • 5 Key educational modules based on “Performance Mindset Process” subjects above.
    Each of the 5 modules contain:

    • 1 PDF e-book

    • 1 audio version of module e-book

    • 1 audio guided meditation

  • Daily/weekly journaling guide to cultivate:

    • gratitude & positive emotion

    • personal discoveries & self awareness

    • self acceptance & thought control

  • Fear management and performance prep resources:

    • mindfulness & breathing exercises

    • visualization to prepare for desired outcomes

    • guideline & easy chart to build long-lasting, positive lifestyle habits

  • Module lessons:

    • learn the science of the body & brain on fear

    • strategies to let go of perfectionism, bring out your authenticity and be immune to critics

    • build resilience to rejection & fail forward

    • be courageous & confident while leading, presenting, competing and performing

  • Program Completion freebies:

    • the best herbs for the nerves

    • 24 hour performance prep check list

    • Performance Mindset pep talk

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

    Make the most of Janey's mindset coaching expertise by spending one-on-one time with her to compliment the online Performance Mindset Program.
    This option will include:

    • one individual intake assessment + consultation to establish a baseline and goals for the program

    • 5 weeks of ongoing email support

    • 5 follow up coaching phone calls

    • customized adjustment strategies

How was the Performance Mindset Program created?

The hybrid of techniques used in this Program are derived from Janey Brown’s 10+ year background of coaching movement and mindset to professional athletes and hundreds of individuals, 18 years of studying & practising meditation, 20 + years experience of public performances and the triumph of her very own stage fright.

Read Janey’s full performance story: Janey’s Personal Story
Take a look at Janey’s skills & credentials: Janey’s Background


Fearce Rules

Fearce Rules

The Rules of Fearce

By joining Fearce Academy, it means you agree to the 6 rules:

Face your Fears

Every damn day

Aim for Alchemy

Real OVER “Right”

Compassion is King

Enjoy your road

"Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to feel afraid and do it anyway. So 'FEAR/CE' symbolizes it's our fears, which make us fearce." - Janey Brown